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7" Android 2.2 WIFI Touch Screen Tablet with Camera
This Tablet PC comes with 7.0-inch Resistance Touch Screen, Android 2.2 Operation System, Built-in .3 Mega Pixel Camera, 800MHZ CPU + 300MHZ DSP, 256M Memory, 1G Standard/4G FLASH. It supports multiple functions, such as Youtube, Messenger, Google Market, Word, Excel, Power Point, Email, Music, WIFI. Besides the standard functions, Games, Video, Music, Network Chatting, Pictures are all available in this wonderful tablet PC. (Upgraded unit pictured) It is ideal for business people on the go, students, children and home users. You can surf the net, send emails, instant messaging, study, compose documents, manage accounts and spreadsheets, view PowerPoint presentations and lots of other work. You can watch movies and listen to music on the Micro SD card or the Flash Drive. Perfect in college to take notes and do online assignments. It easily fits in a book bag or purse and it is the lightest tablet available. Websites with a lot of photos and detailed content take a little bit of time to load up all the way, but any website that is mainly text, loads in a matter of seconds. You can use this tablet to check email. You can pull it out anywhere there is a wifi hotspot and check your messages, send an email or just browse the web.
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Local Companies

Double T Repair - Lubbock iPhone and Cell Phone Repair
(806) 370-0887
3007 34th
Lubbock, TX
Products & Services
We repair all types of cell phones and small gadgets including the iphone, ipod, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung, etc
Store Type
Cell Phone and Small Gadget Repair

Airtime Communications
(806) 783-0247
PO Box 94575
Lubbock, TX
Alamosa Pcs Corporate Office
(806) 722-1100
5225 S Loop 289 Ste 102
Lubbock, TX
At&T Texas
(325) 690-7900
7008 Indiana Ave
Lubbock, TX
B Wireless
(806) 796-3116
8206 Avenue D
Lubbock, TX
Advance Cellular
(806) 762-5646
2420 13th St
Lubbock, TX
Alamosa Pcs
(806) 722-1101
4403 Marsha Sharp Fwy
Lubbock, TX
Alamosa Pcs Llc
(806) 785-0744
4403 Marsha Sharp Fwy
Lubbock, TX
At&T West Texas Wireless
(806) 780-8255
3705 19th St
Lubbock, TX
Bailey Johnny Wireless
(806) 794-2355
6012 82nd St
Lubbock, TX
A A Data
(806) 763-3266
1808 19th St
Lubbock, TX
Ki Corp
(806) 767-9500
1001 Main St Ste 401
Lubbock, TX
(806) 791-2600
1808 50th St
Lubbock, TX
Computer Express
(806) 797-1393
3833 50th St Ste 2
Lubbock, TX
Open Airways Inc
(806) 792-1418
4224 Boston Ave
Lubbock, TX
Arisbe Associates
(806) 767-1505
1001 Main St
Lubbock, TX
Akram Discount Computers Etc
(806) 797-2211
3206 34th St
Lubbock, TX
Chiro Med Equipment Co
(806) 780-3889
2720 61st St
Lubbock, TX
C T E Networking
(806) 799-1589
4016 45th St
Lubbock, TX
The Door Powered by Valoreal
(806) 785-3667
4216 50th St Ste A
Lubbock, TX
Aaron's Rental Purchase
(806) 763-9521
2234 19th St
Lubbock, TX
Bloom's in Home Television Service
(806) 797-8200
2002 34th St
Lubbock, TX
Doc's Electronics
(806) 794-1822
1819 Texas Ave
Lubbock, TX
Estradas TV Service
(806) 762-6499
2806 Avenue Q
Lubbock, TX
Home Zone
(806) 763-7270
2101 50th St
Lubbock, TX
Bloom's in Home Television Rpr
(806) 637-9499
Po Box 53487
Lubbock, TX
Circuit City
(806) 798-8997
6701 Slide Rd
Lubbock, TX
Edwards Electronics
(806) 794-1155
5135 69th St
Lubbock, TX
Estrada's Tv Service
(806) 762-6499
2806 Avenue Q Apt A
Lubbock, TX
Nunn Electric Supply Corporation
(806) 765-5741
2425 Texas Ave
Lubbock, TX